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Bloody Britain cover rough 03c (1).jpg
illustrated short story collection   Bloody Britain
short story collection by Anna Taborska

​illustrated by Reggie Oliver 

published by Shadow Publishing

cover art by Paul Alexander Mudie

introduction by Robert Shearman

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cat-themed short story collection by Anna Taborska

​published by Black Shuck Books

cover art by Steve J Shaw

illustrated short story collection
For Those Who Dream Monsters
short story collection by Anna Taborska

​illustrated by Reggie Oliver 

published by Mortbury Press

cover art by Steve Upham

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The Girl in the Blue Coat
Year's Best Weird Fiction: 1
The Bloody Tower
Best British Horror 2014
Out of the Light 
JWK Fiction Best of Horror 2013
Dirty Dybbuk
Strangely Funny II
Cyril's Mission
The Gatehouse
Miseria's Chorale
Out of the Light
Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror
The Girl in the Blue Coat
Exotic Gothic 5 vol.1
The Coffin
His Red Eyes Again
Arthur's Cellar
No Monsters Allowed
Picture This
Darlings of Decay
The Bloody Tower
Terror Tales of London
The Unspoken
First Night
Dark World
Picture This
The Tall Book of Zombie Shorts (Volume One) (Zombiefest Charity Anthology)

 Little Pig

The Best Horror of the Year Volume Four 

Edited by Ellen Datlow

​The Little Green God of Agony - Stephen King
Stay - Leah Bobet
The Moraine - Simon Bestwick
Blackwood's Baby - Laird Barron
Looker - David Nickle
The Show - Priya Sharma
Mulberry Boys - Margo Lanagan
Roots and All - Brian Hodge
Final Girl Theory - A. C. Wise
Omphalos - Livia Llewellyn
Dermot - Simon Bestwick
Black Feathers - Alison J. Littlewood
Final Verse - Chet Williamson
In the Absence of Murdock - Terry Lamsley
You Become the Neighborhood - Glen Hirshberg
In Paris, In the Mouth of Kronos - John Langan
Little Pig - Anna Taborska
The Ballad of Ballard and Sandrine - Peter Straub


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The Screaming Book of Horror

Edited by Johnny Mains

Christenings Can Be Dangerous – John Llewellyn Probert
Larva – John Brunner
The Swarm – Alison Littlewood
Natural Selection – Robin Ince
One of the Family – Bernard Taylor
Cut! – Anna Taborska
The Christmas Toys – Paul Finch
The Quixote Candidate – Rhys Hughes
Helping Mummy – Kate Farrell
The City of Plenty – Alex Miles
The Iron Cross – Craig Herbertson
Sometimes You Think You Are Alone – Alison Moore
Bird Doll – Claire Massey
What Shall We Do About Barker? – Reginald Oliver
Old Grudge Ender – David A. Riley
Jack and Jill – Steve Rasnic Tem
The Blackshore Dreamer – John Burke
Imagination – Christopher Fowler
The Baby Trap – Janine-Langley Wood
The Tip Run – Johnny Mains
Dementia – Charlie Higson

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 The Apprentice

The Ninth Black Book of Horror

16 tales of terror selected by Charles Black

John Llewellyn Probert - The Anatomy Lesson
Craig Herbertson - The Mall
Simon Bestwick - Salvaje
Gary Fry - Pet
David Williamson - Ashes To Ashes
Anna Taborska - The Apprentice
Sam Dawson - Life Expectancy
Paul Finch - What's Behind You?
Gary Power - Ben’s Best Friend
Thana Niveau - The Things That Aren't There
Tom Johnstone - Bit On The Side
Marion Pitman - Indecent Behaviour
Kate Farrell - His Family
John Forth - A Song, A Silence
Marc Lyth - The Man Who Hated Waste
David A. Riley - Swan Song


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Buy a Goat for Christmas

Best New Werewolf Tales Volume 1

Edited by Carolina Smart 

Like Part of the Family - Jonathan Maberry
Baby - James Roy Daley
Anniversary - John Everson
The Virgin O’ Full Moon Falls - James Newman
The Trojan Plushy - David Bernstein
Jesus When the Sun Goes Down - Simon Mccaffery
Three Dog Night - John F.D. Taff
Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have - Rob Rosen
Scarred For Life - Michael Laimo
Hairs and Graces - William Meikle
Out of the Light - Douglas Smith
Hungry like the Moon - Rob E. Boley
Unlucky Moon - T.J. May
A Taste of Blood and Roses - David Niall Wilson
Under A Civil Moon - John Grover
Unleashed - Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Steak - Randall Lahrman
Silver Anniversary - Stephen M. Wilson
Buy a Goat for Christmas - Anna Taborska
Sq 389 - David Wesley Hill


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This Hermetic Legislature: A Homage to Bruno Schulz

Edited by D.P. Watt and D.T. Ghetu

Fugue for Black Thursday - George Berguno
Great Ruins of Tomorrow - Stephen J. Clark
The Fall of a City Planner - Karim Ghahwagi
The Messiah of the Mannequins - Rhys Hughes
Letters in Black Wood - Joel Lane
The Original Light - Mark Valentine
With Shadow All the Marble Steps - Oliver Smith
Manual of Quiet Destruction - Charles Schneider
Silver on Green - John Howard
The Subjugation of Eros - D.P. Watt
All in a Hot and Copper Sky - Dominy Clements
My Ruined Father - Douglas Thompson
The Notched Sword - Adam S. Cantwell
A Calendar of Cherries - Colin Insole
The Vile Game of Gunter and Landau - Michael Cisco
A Posthumous Messiah - Reggie Oliver
Etude - Anna Taborska
The Restaurant Saint Martin - R.B. Russell
My Heretical Existence - Mark Samuels


Exotic Gothic 4​

 Edited by Danel Olson

 Danel Olson - Preface: On Dark Gifting       
 Margo Lanagan - Blooding the Bride       
 Adam L.G. Nevill - Pig Thing
 Kaaron Warren - The Lighthouse Keepers’ Club
 Reggie Oliver - The Look
 Lucy Taylor - Nikishi
 Simon Kurt Unsworth - The Fourth Horse
 Stephen Dedman - The Fall
 Tunku Halim - In the Village of Setang
 David Punter - Carving
 Genni Gunn - Water Lover
 Robert Hood - Escena de un Asesinato
 Steve Rasnic Tem - The Old Man Beset by Demons
 David Wellington - Atacama
 Isobelle Carmody - Metro Winds
 Terry Dowling - Mariners’ Round
 Paul Finch - Oschaert
 Ekaterina Sedia - Helena
 Anna Taborska - Rusalka
 Nick Antosca - Candy
 Joseph Bruchac - Down in the Valley
 Cherie Dimaline - Wanishin
 Brian Evenson - Grottor
 E. Michael Lewis - Such a Man I Would Have Become
 Scott Thomas - The Unfinished Book
 Stephen Volk - Celebrity Frankenstein

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Tea with the Devil

Strange Halloween

Edited by Jean Goldstrom

Night of the Crone

Terror Tales of the Lake District

Edited by Paul Finch

Little Mag’s Barrow by Adam L.G. Nevill
The Mad Clown of Muncaster
The Coniston Star Mystery by Simon Clark
The Croglin Vampire
Devils of Lakeland by Paul Finch
The Mumps Hall Murders
The Moraine by Simon Bestwick
The Tawny Boy
The Claife Crier by Carole Johnstone
The Monster of Renwick
Jewels in the Dust by Peter Crowther
The Devil’s Hole
Above the World by Ramsey Campbell
Nightmares of Burnmoor
The Jilted Bride of Windermere by Gary Fry
The Horror at Carlisle Castle
Walk the Last Mile by Steven Savile
The Poltergeist of Walla Crag
Framed by Peter Bell
Fiend’s Fell
Night of the Crone by Anna Taborska
The Tortured Souls of Lord’s Rake
Along Life’s Trail by Gary McMahon
The Black Hound of Shap
Striding Edge by Reggie Oliver

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Little Pig

The Eighth Black Book of Horror

Selected by Charles Black

HOME BY THE SEA - Stephen Bacon
BOYS WILL BE BOYS - David Williamson
TOK - Paul Finch
LITTLE PIG - Anna Taborska
HOW THE OTHER HALF DIES - John Llewellyn Probert
MUSIC IN THE BONE - Marion Pitman
THE COAL-MAN - Thana Niveau
MEA CULPA - Kate Farrell

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Best New Writing 2011

Edited by Christopher Klim




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The Wind and the Rain

Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction

Edited by Jessie Marie Roberts

Flash fiction for every day of the year.

Authors include: Jason Brawn, Paul D. Brazill,

Chris Bartholomew and many others ............

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The Creaking

The Seventh Black Book of Horror

Selected by Charles Black

The Pier - Thana Niveau

Minos or Rhadamanthus - Reggie Oliver

Morning’s Echo - Joel Lane

It Begins at Home - John Llewellyn Probert

Flitching’s Revenge - Gary Power

Rest in Pieces - David Williamson

Walk to the Sea - Rog Pile

Romero’s Children - David A. Riley

The Green Bath - Paul Finch

Telling - Steve Rasnic Tem

Swell Head - Stephen Volk

Walking the Dyke - Alex Langley

The Creaking - Anna Taborska

Bernard Bought the Farm - James Stanger

Ted’s Collection- Claude Lalumière

New Teacher - Craig Herbertson

The In-Betweeners - Tony Richards

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Picture This

52 Stitches

Edited by Aaron Polson

Short fiction for every week of the year.

Authors include: Cate Gardner, Alan Baxter,

Deborah Walker and many others ...............

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Halloween Lights
Halloween Dances with the Dead
The Sixth Black Book of Horror
Schrödinger's Human
The Fifth Black Book of Horror

  Halloween Lights
​  And Now the Nightmare Begins: THE HORROR ZINE 

Edited by Jeani Rector

​short stories, poetry and art

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